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Homemade Millionaire Winner Marcy McKenna

“Patents and Prototypes” the live show is coming along nicely and we are thrilled that the inventor / entrepreneur community has embraced us and has shown a lot of support for our new venture that aims to bring helpful information … Continue reading

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Great Resources For Patent Searches

If you are an inventor / entrepreneur / startup getting ready to build your first product prototype, perhaps it’s time to check around and see if someone may have already patented a similar idea. This doesn’t mean it’s the end … Continue reading

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The Inventor Showcase – Wetsuit Buddy Bag by Greg Barr

If you’re involved with entrepreneurs, product innovation and inventors in Southern California, you may have heard of the “Annual Quick Pitch Competition” which is hosted by the California State University at San Marcos. This year’s winner is Greg Barr. Mr. … Continue reading

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Shark Tank

“Shark Tank” is a fun reality series that may hold some very valuable lessons for the first time inventor / entrepreneur looking to raise investment. Watch a few episodes and you will undoubtedly find some commonalities between successful fund seeking … Continue reading

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Protecting IP When Working With An International Team

Here’s the scenario, you’ve come up with a great idea and your team is full of rockstars, but one of the challenges is that your team is broken up and in different countries. Global teamwork in new venture creation is … Continue reading

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Patent or Prototype? Which One Comes First?

If you have chosen the path of the product entrepreneur, at some point you will need to answer the question “How should I properly spend my hard earned money?  Do I build a prototype first or file a patent application?”. … Continue reading

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Joe Donoghue Featured On Gettin’ Down 2 Business

If you watched the first episode of “Patents And Prototypes” the live show, you would have seen Joe Donoghue from Leardon Solutions chime in about the product development lifecycle and the prototyping process. Joe has a lot of experience in … Continue reading

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The First Live Show Was A Success!

The team here at Patents and Prototypes would like to thank all of our friends that made it to the first live web show on Tuesday May 1st, 2012. It was a great turn out with entrepreneurs asking great questions … Continue reading

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Patents and Prototypes Launches Tonight 05-01-2012

Starting at 6:30pm/pst here TONIGHT! Entrepreneurs, inventors and folks that own businesses and have questions about trademark, utility, design, copyright, and other types of patents or intellectual property may find this new live web show very helpful. The show is … Continue reading

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