5 Reasons Why You Invent

Joe Donoghue, product development, Eric Hanscom, Patent processInvent – : to produce (as something useful) for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment (credits here)

There are many more reasons than just 5, but I thought I’d take a few minutes and highlight the 5 that we at “Patents and Prototypes” see as the most dominate reasons for invention among our own community.

#1) Necessity is the mother of invention

While the origins of this saying aren’t known, some think it was Plato though no one can prove it. Regardless of who came up with it, it’s an obvious statement. People that never thought they were inventors eventually became so frustrated with a device or a method, that they sought out a way to develop a new product or method to achieve the task at hand. This is an inventor at the core and while not everyone is a Benjamin Franklin, you don’t have to develop technologies that test the laws of physics to be successful. Ever heard of the Snuggie?

#2) Inventors / Entrepreneurs See The World Through Different Eyes

One thing that we’ve noticed is that people in the inventor community are born with a love of innovation in some regard and have been nurturing it their entire life from arts and crafts to applied sciences. Questioning is fundamental process of their thinking and how they see the world. They tend to be the person that asks questions as to how or why something works the way it does. Kind of like your 3 year old nephew but with a more specific purpose, and that is, they want to know how to make it easier, faster, cheaper, or better at what it does.

#3) A Dreamer and a Do’r

Lots of people have ideas. About 1% of those actually act on those ideas and turn them into reality. Successful inventors are a unique mix creativity and execution rolled up into one with the ability to see past challenges and look for solutions. Many are driven by passion but guided by optimism.

#4) Crazy And Brilliant

Some say there is a fine line between crazy and brilliant. We don’t see it that way. To be a great inventor that is going to succeed, you need to be a bit of both. That is, crazy enough to throw caution to the wind and take extraordinary risks to go after what you truly believe and brilliant enough to identify great opportunities and to make quick but great decisions on the spot.

#5) Because You Can

With so many distractions in life like schooling, work and bills, it takes an enormous amount of focus and determination to get a product to market. People with the passion and drive to bring a product to market need to walk the walk and talk the talk which often means sacrificing other opportunities like that high paying executive level career or those great vacations to exotic destinations. You will succeed because you can stay focused and determined.




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