September Patents & Prototypes Live Show Inventor Recap

Joe Donoghue, product development, Eric Hanscom, Patent processInventor and Inventions  РSteve Hartman and Jay Barbeau

Push lawn mowers and the electric guitars, both are inventions that have been around for a LONG time.

Watch the replay of September’s show here:

In fact the first cylindrical lawn mower was invented in 1827 by Edwin Beard Budding. Since then, many iterations have come and gone. However, recently the team at Leardon Solutions helped an ambitious inventor create the first ever cylindrical human powered lawn mower that can compete with today’s most advanced gas or electric powered mowers in terms of cutting accuracy and blade speed.¬† The inventor is Steve Hartman and his invention is called the “CycleMower

See it action here:

If worrying about your carbon footprint while mowing your grass isn’t a pressing concern,¬† but the latest technology in music creation is, then the “Sonitar” guitar by inventor Jay Barbeau will interest you.

Jay is the lead composer on the hit game “EverQuest“. In his spare time, Jay has taken innovation in music to the next level by helping expert and amateur guitarists leap ahead by embracing technology to enable all kinds of new creative potential with today’s latest wireless technology and tech gadgets.

See a demo here:

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One Response to September Patents & Prototypes Live Show Inventor Recap

  1. Joe and Eric,
    I think you guys might be on to something. I spent the time to watch all the videos and I read all of the material. I guess the reason I have the interest that I do, is that I’ve been developing product all of my life (a long life – I might add). Interestingly enough, my development days started in San Diego in the 60′s. After starting several companies, some of which were pretty successful, I left California in 2004 for some new adventures and territory. I do miss San Diego.

    Since I enjoyed some success in a few markets over the years, people with interests (in my life style) would always ask “how did you do it” and “how do you do it” After a while I developed a couple of software programs to help their cause. What I found was common denominators that caused the biggest problems – Not enough knowledge of the market, nor how to market the invention – This was a big one. The second biggest common denominator was and is the lack of knowledge of how cash works in a product intensive environment. Inventors would not know how to price the product properly. Soon they would find a cash shortage, sometimes before getting the product to market.

    I developed a planning tool that does the heavy lifting for the inventor. It is centered around what he/she really needs to know (money-wise) in the critical first 12 months of activity. I call it the Idea Composer. It is touted as a business plan, but that is not what it really is. It’s a modeling program for non-financial people and it is the first step any entrepreneur should take prior to jumping into – well you guys know all about that!

    The S version of the Idea Composer is on a bio-metric (fancy word for fingerprint scanner) flash drive so it does not hook into the Internet. For those that are not that concerned about the Internet security can use the normal downloadable version with all of the important features.

    After a few years of writing software, I just released the Idea Composer a few weeks ago. I think it might help some of your clients. For those on a really tight budget, I have a free version on the cloud – although I think it is a little slow and a bit simplified, but it will get the job done. For so many of my inventor friends, I also published a white paper on how to size up a market – broken down into steps they can perform easily. As you know, not very many inventors are entrepreneurs – so the Idea Composer can work for them too – for their licensing situations.

    Lastly, I’m doing some video’s on very simple business basics as it relates to money. I’m calling it Money Boot Camp – it is really for the inventor. Since I’m an old video guy, I really look for excuses to make nice little short movies.

    Currently, I’m experimenting with this so called digital marketing stuff – FB, Twitter, Adwords, Bing, all the search engines, affiliate marketing, and SEO. I think it would be helpful for the inventors to know more about the pros and cons before they spend too much mulah on one method.

    BTW – My name is all over the place in those patent law-book cases. It’s about the things I should not have done.

    Hope to talk to you guys some in the future. Loved your programs and good luck to you. If you need anything just call me.


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